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Charlotte Bradshaw


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Hello! I’m Charlotte and I am delighted to welcome you to Razzamataz Leicester South. I was brought up with a huge love for performing arts. I attended performing arts schools, dance and singing classes all the way up until I headed off to University to pursue a career in healthcare within the NHS. Although I didn’t go on to perform professionally, my love for performing arts has never faltered. If anything, it has grown! I have such fond memories of performing as a child and I have no doubt that those experiences shaped who I am today. Theatre schools don’t only create performers, they also create confident, sociable and well rounded individuals. I hope to give our students at Razzamataz Leicester South the preparation and confidence they need to excel in whatever journey they choose to follow.

I have a wealth of experience working with young people of all ages and I have always found it such a privilege to support and encourage their growth and development. As a Brownie Leader, a Camp Counsellor in the USA for multiple years and a volunteer at summer camps, dance shows and church groups since being a teenager, I have always loved the fun, excitement and unpredictability that working with youngsters brings. Becoming a principal with Razzamataz has offered me an incredible opportunity to combine this with my love of the performing arts and I am so excited for this amazing journey.

Whether your child is looking for a hobby, new friends or hoping to pursue a potential professional career, we will make sure they feel at home at Razzamataz. I look forward to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, encouraging fun and individuality and developing confidence and self-esteem. I am committed to creating lifelong memories for our students by offering unforgettable experiences such as performing in local events, supporting local charities, attending professional workshops and even starring on the West End stage. Most importantly though, every Saturday I want every child to leave class with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

I can’t wait to grow our Razz family and I hope that we can instil a lifelong love of performing arts in all of our young people.